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Second to none in auto shipping, let Ellison Transport handle the stress and hassle of shipping your vehicle(s) cross- country!

Our quality vehicle shipping company dependably includes the following advantages:


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Open Transport

Are you looking a cost efficient, reliable way to ship your vehicle? We recommend the Open Transport option to ship your vehicle, this option is the most commonly used and cost efficient way to ship one or multiple vehicles. Please keep in mind that Open Transport means that your car will be exposed to the open, and environmental hazards such as dirt and debris, however at Ellison Transport we pride ourselves on only working with highly rated dependable vehicle transporters to ensure safe delivery of your vehicle(s) from pickup to delivery.

Enclosed Transport

Enclosed transport also known as “closed transport” is a vehicle transport carrier that is enclosed. An enclosed carrier has an enclosing surrounding the vehicles, these enclosing may be made of metal, plastic, or even canvas. Enclosed trailers/vehicle carriers offer the most protection. The major benefit of using an enclosed car carrier is that it will protect the vehicle(s) from weather and road hazards offering the customer added peace of mind. These carriers are ideal for classic cars, exotic cars, antiques, show cars, motorcycles, and brand new/used cars. Enclosed transports are typically more expensive than open transports because of their added protection and limited space typically they hold fewer vehicles than open carriers.

Door-to-Door Auto Transport

Avoid the hassle of dropping off your car to a random location before it is loaded and transported to its designated location. You never have to worry about the pick-up and drop-off concerns, because Ellison Transport offers you a door-to-door auto transport service. With this service, convenience is just what you get. With the help of our experienced and trusted auto carriers and expert staff, we will arrange and coordinate the delivery of your cars and vehicles from pickup to delivery. Still not sure about this option…? Call our expert staff today for more details and a FREE Quote !

Priority Transport

Do you need your vehicle in a hurry, or have a specific date in mind? The priority transport option provides the ultimate in luxury and speed. Priority transport is typically a pricier option due to the fact that your vehicle is generally picked up quicker within a shorter time frame… no worries, our auto shipping experts will work on finding you the best rates… don’t know where to start..? Give us a call today for your Free Quote!

Exotic Car Transports

Do you have an exotic or classic car your looking to ship? We recommend an Enclosed Car Carrier because it provides a higher level of protection for the vehicle. An enclosed car carrier will protect the vehicle from harsh unpredictable weather as well dirt and debris from the road during transportation. Still have a few more concerns? Feel confident in your decision to transport your prized vehicle in an enclosed carrier, here at Ellison Transport we will provide quotes from only high quality, highly rated, and respected auto transport companies… Enjoy hassle-free shipping every time you ship your car with Ellison Transport!! Call our expert staff today for more details and a FREE Quote !

Classic Car

Maintain the value of your classic car, and preserve its authentic look by ensuring the safety of its transportation. If your beloved car needs to be transported to a long way, Ellison Transport provides you with a classic car transport and options that suits your needs. When it comes to shipping these delicate vehicles, our staff carefully takes care of your delivery by ensuring that it is placed in fully enclosed car carriers. Call our expert staff today for more details and a FREE Quote !

Motorcycle Shipping

Most people prefer to ship their motorcycle as it is much more difficult to ride a motorcycle across country. Motorcycles are almost always shipped in enclosed trailers unless otherwise specified because they offer the highest amount of protection and provides the easiest way of safely securing the motorcycles. An inspection will be completed at the time of pick up and delivery. An enclosed carrier will provide the motorcycle protection from road and environmental hazards. Entrust our knowledgeable and dependable auto transport companies to transport your motorcycle!

Snow Birds Shipping

Going south for the winter? Have more than one car to ship? Let Ellison Transport handle the hassle of the move. Here at Ellison Transport, we work with seasoned and experienced auto transport companies to assure the best and fastest route during these harsh weathers. Call our expert staff today for more details and a FREE Quote !

International Shipping

Need to ship your car oversees ? our international shipment has two distinct parts, the domestic portion and overseas portion. The domestic portion will be just like any other auto transport. The car carrier will arrive at the pick up location and deliver it to a destination location. With an international shipment, the destination location will typically be a port. Once the vehicle is delivered, the port will process all of the necessary paperwork and load the vehicle onto a vessel for shipment overseas. Once the vehicle is delivered to the destination country, it will be necessary to pick up the vehicle from the port or make other arrangements for it to be delivered to another destination within that country. Please check with your auto transport company for an up to date and complete list of paperwork needed to be shipped with the vehicle for the port to process. CALL US TODAY FOR A FREE CUSTOM QUOTE!!