Is there an obligation or cost to receive a quote?

There is no cost or obligation to receive a quote and your contact information or email address will not be shared with anyone. Here at Ellison Transport shipping quotes are free , just fill out our quote generator to receive your free shipping quote.

What types of shipping options does Ellison Transport offer?

Ellison Transport offers a variety of vehicle shipping options. We ship all over the US and internationally. Please see our services for additional information on types of shipping.

How do I prepare my vehicle for shipment?

It is recommended that you inspect your car thoroughly for existing damage before shipping your car. You may take pictures of your car if necessary, take note of any dents or scratches. Please notify your representative of any mechanical issues your car may have including leaks or whether it is operable( running) or inoperable(not running) in order to provide you with a more accurate quote and to avoid delays with your shipment. Please provide your driver with any special steps needed to drive your car on and off the trailer. Remember the better you prepare your car for car for shipment the quicker and less without damage it will arrive.

Can I pack personal items with my vehicle for shipping?

No, it is recommended that you do not pack your vehicle with any personal items, please be sure to remove all valuable, hazardous items in your vehicle including the trunk prior to shipping. Vehicle transporters are not licensed to transfer goods and extra truck weight may result in driver penalties and delays. In addition, only the vehicle is insured under the carrier’s insurance and we do not guarantee the safety nor take any responsibility for items lost, stolen or otherwise damaged during transport.

What to expect at vehicle pickup and delivery?

You will be notified via email or phone call once the order has been dispatched or released to a vehicle transport carrier. Vehicle transport carriers are rarely able to provide you with specific pickup and delivery times of your vehicle. Once your car is dispatched to the vehicle transport carrier, you will be provided with the driver’s information to arrange a time and place for pickup. Unforeseen circumstances like traffic delays , breakdowns or other potential delays may change pickup and delivery times. If you cannot be there to release your vehicle to the vehicle transporter’s care, it is recommended to assign a trusted representative to hand over care. Please keep in mind that vehicle transporter carriers are large and sometimes it may be hard or restricted to navigate certain residential streets. You may have to meet the driver at mutually designated area , such as a close by parking lot or a more accessible area. Your driver will conduct an inspection of your vehicle prior to loading it, please inform them of any existing non visible damages.

Will my car be insured? Who will be required to carry insurance?

Yes, legally auto transporters are required to carrier liability insurance . Typically this insurance covers only driver’s negligence so it is recommended that you carry personal insurance on the vehicle as well. You are able to to view proof of vehicle transporter’s insurance upon request.

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